4/4 Didier Nicolas Violin

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4/4 Didier Nicolas Violin

Born at Mirecourt 1757 and died there in 1833, Didier stamped his instruments "A la Ville de Cremonne", to the confusion of others as he traded in Mirecourt.  It was simply the name of his shop.

This Violin produces excellent tone and resonance.  It led the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra for many years.

There is an inscription beneath the soundpost that reads: "D. Nicolas. aine a Mirecourt"

The instrument is also branded "A la Ville de Cremonne, D. Nicolas Aine".

med back_Nicolas 7394 back.jpg


Upper Bout: 17 cm

C Bout: 11.8 cm

Lower Bout: 20.8 cm

Ratio: 13.1:19.5cm

Body Length: 36.1cm

med scroll_Nicolas 7394 scroll.jpgmed_Nicolas 7394 scroll-2.jpg

*This instrument is no longer available*

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