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4/4 J.J Smith Violin SOLD



This historically significant Violin has a rich history embedded in the luthier history of Australia:

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"James Jose Smith was born at Donald, Victoria.  He trained as a cabinet maker and was employed in the position of overseer for the Bendigo City Council from 1899 to 1921.  Smith was a keen cellist and violin maker.  His first instrument was made from Australian timbers around 1892 using Heron-Allen's Violin Making, as it was and is as a guide.  While he was living in Bendigo he made numerous instruments including a quartet which was made as a memorial to Lieutenant Colonel Robert Oswal Henderson, a popular Bendigo identity.  However at this stage his making was only regarded as a hobby that he would fit in whenever he could find the time.

In 1921 Smith retired from Bendigo Council and moved to Gourlay St in St. Kilda, Melbourne.  He continued producing instruments and began to advertise himself as a violin maker and repairer. Smith had worked out a method for tuning plates which he also readily applied to older instruments and said, "I have toned scores of existing violins and can improve them without a doubt as to the result-provided of course that there has been enough wood left in the proper places." James Jose Smith died at the age of 81 in St. Kilda on 17 January 1938l his occupation was given as 'civil servant.' He was still making at the end of his life and his last known example was completed just before his death.  One of his early violins, dated 1897, is in the powerhouse museum collection."

- Biographical information from Alan Coggin's book "Violin and Bow Makers of Australia"

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Upper Bout: 16.7cm
C Bout: 11.3cm
Lower Bout: 20.9cm
Ribs: 3.9cm
Ratio: 12.9:19.25cm
Body Length: 35.6cm



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