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 Dörfler Bows 

Hand Made in Germany Since 1940.



* W.E. DORFLER * $1,425.00

Carefully selected pernambuco, octagonal stick. Fine ebony frog, real silver mounted with Parisian eye. 3-part screw inlaid with eight pearl eyes. Silver wire winding.

weight:  78.98g

stick length: 69.6cm


* W.E. DORFLER ** $1,995.00

Finest selected pernambuco, octagonal stick. Full ebony from with slide, real silver mounted and Parisian eye. 3-part screw inlaid with eight eyes. Silver wire winding.

weight:  77.56g

stick length: 69.6cm

* EGIDIUS DORFLER **$2,895.00

Prime quality Pernambuco octagonal stick, horn frog, real silver mounted, 3-part button with pearl eye, silver wire winding.

weight: 77.95g

stick length: 69.7cm

Temporarily unavailable 



Coda Diamond GX Cello bow

The Marquis of the DIAMOND Collection, the DIAMOND GX embodies the unrivalled marriage of timeless craftsmanship and industry-first technology. Designed for professionals, the GX offers performance once reserved for only the finest pernambuco bows.

img: coda cello bow

 RRP $1,450 Ourprice  $1,265 AUD


77.38g 69.2cm

Coda Diamond SX Cello bow

Coda Bow SX

A stunning technological tribute to history’s fine bows, the DIAMOND SX offers premium performance for professionals. Sophisticated and reliable, the SX is the ideal ‘touring’ bow for every professional musician and teacher. 

RRP $1021 Ourprice $979 AUD


Ary bows 

Excellent quality and value for money, this handmade ARY cello bow is well suited to students and players of intermediate to advanced levels. Stamped ARY-FRANCE on the round pernambuco stick, the frog is ebony and carries a parisian eye, pearl slide, nickel silver mounting and three part end screw.

$1,160 AUD

Weighs circa 81.6g.



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