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Dörfler Bows


Hand Made in Germany Since 1940.



High quality Pernambuco Stick. Octagonal. Full mounted ebony frog with heel plate and large eye. Three part button with eye. German nickel silver winding.

W.E. DORFLER $979.00

Pernambuco stick. Octagonal. Full mounted fine ebony frog with split heel plate, trimmed slide and Parisian eye. 3-part ebony button with eight inlaid eyes. German nickel silver winding. 


* W.E. DORFLER ** $1649.00 

Selected Premium pernambuco stick. Octagonal. Full mounted select ebonyfrog with trimmed slide and Parisian eye. 3-part ebony button with eight inlaid eyes. German nickel silver winding. 


Coda Bows


Amazing value!

Play so well!

Good and strong!

Powerful clear sound!

Master makers and leading scientists have combined their lifelong experience to create a collection of bows that elegantly blend bow making’s time-honored principles with today’s most innovative bow technology.

Coda gx

Coda sx

GX diamond RRP $1,325 inc. gst.

$1,289 inc. gst.

SX diamond RRP $935 inc. gst.

 $889 inc. gst.

NX diamond RRP $650 inc GST


To buy or try please contact,


Ary France

Ary bows are now in stock!!!

Handmade fine pernambuco viola bow from the ARY bow company. This bow features an ebony frog with paris eye, nickel mounted with imitation lizard skin leather thumb grip.  A fine bow for the intermediate to advanced student or player.

Selection: $1040 AUD


Ary 'Selection' :




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