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BAM Cello Case Travel Case

was $909.09 now $880.91 inc GST ($711.02 )
BAM Cello Case designed to fit your Cello INSIDE it's Bam case, into this case! This means double the protection of the instrument while traveling by plane.

Trick: Fit the cello case, head first in the Flight Cover, zip around the head, adjust the bottom of the case inside the Flight Cover and zip around the bottom part, the zipper pulls to meet in the middle.
RRP: $1,000.00
Internal measurements
length 138.5cm
width 53.5cm
depth 35cm
External measurements
length 145cm
witdh 62cm
depth 42cm
weight 9.1kg
The case consists of an extra thick layer of foam, moulded to fit around the shape of all BAM cello case to further protect the case and cello against shocks during travel.
The outer shell is an extremely strong elastomer ABS for optimal shock absorption, assembled with a strong nylon fabric strip.
Heavy duty wheels make transporting the case a breeze. 
3 separate handles around the neck area are removeable.
Your case is secured with an inconsipcuous zipper
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