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German Bow stamped ROGER BRETON

Well-crafted bow from a German Workshop, slightly lighter and well balanced.

Stick Length: 69.95cm

Weight: 71.90grams




Brian Alvey (b. 1949) ex. Hill Maker

This fine bow was made shortly after Alvey’s time with W. E. Hill & Sons (1966-1978), in the early to mid 1980s. A fine Pernambuco round stick with Ebony Frog.

Stick Length: 69.8cm
Weight: 76.24g



Emilio Slaviero - Cremona

Beautiful Cremonese made bow by Emilio Slaverio.  High quality wood, mounted on silver with silver winding and parisian eye. Round stick with solid end screw, this bow is a delight to play. There is currently a wide collection available at Atelier Puglisi.

Selling from $2,900

Emillio 1.jpg

Emillio 1-2.jpg


Jeffery Ellis Cello Bow
A beautiful gold mounted bow with an octagonal stick. Made by Jeffery Ellis in the 1980's who is a Sydney based bow maker. This bow is is pristine condition and would suit a professional player or an advanced up and coming player.



Currently at Atelier Puglisi we have for sale another beautiful Cello bow stamped A R Sandner. 

Made in Germany this bow would suit an advanced student or professional.

This bow is in great condition and it has a circular stick.

Weight: 84.34g

Stick Length: 69.7cm




Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.

Please note that prices are correct at time of uploading. Price variances may occur.



Latest News


 ARY-FRANCE bows are fully stocked for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass bows!

 Book your apppointment to try these fantastic bows! 



Ben in workshop
 Need a new Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double Bass? 
We have amazing new stock in all categories and price points.
In the next few weeks we will try and list all of these on this site, however feel free to drop us a line,
and ask about an instrument for you now.
21st anniversary!2016
The month of July marks the 21st anniversary of the opening of my Showroom and Atelier in Hawthorn.
Time goes fast when your having fun! Times like this I reflect on one of my biggest inspirations. My Nonno Puglisi. A proud and hard-working fruiter, who understood the meaning of honest caring service. I just love this photo! Taken in 1966 i believe . I was just 1yo.
And I should mention that he was also an amazing fisherman! And could build anything he wanted.
Vienna Kontrabass (5 or 4 string)

A new and distinctive model from Benedict Puglisi's line of double basses. The instrument is an exact model by Lembock, accurately copied to the finest detail and tested against the original.Gabriel Lembock was a Hungarian born Viennese instrument maker famous for his accurate and impressive copies of Viennese double basses and fine Italian instruments. His instruments were praised for their fullness of tone coupled with responsiveness. This bass features gamba corners and a flat back, as well as custom authentic Viennese wooden pegs and fittings. This is an exceptionally versatile bass. It can be set up as a 5 string or 4 string orchestral bass, or in traditional Viennese tuning. The bass has a rich, dark tone well suited to orchestral playing. This is the perfect instrument for a professional looking for something versatile and suited to all circumstances.




International Jazz legend Christian McBride is now the proud owner of an original Benedict G. Puglisi Double Bass. This Bass landed in the USA early this month and is now being played by Christian. 


The 2012 Vincenzo Panormo carved back Bass was first trialed by Christian in Melbourne when he was a featured artist at the 2013 International Jazz festival.


It is truly an honour to have an original instrument with this amazing musician. We are sure that there are some amazing things to come from this relationship.









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