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Cello Tourte Mute

The Tourte mute is a round rubber mute. It is the choice of many professional cellists because it offers the player a great number of advantages over other products on the market.

The two slits in the surface of the rubber allow the mute to be slotted onto the tail ends of the strings.  When not in use, the mute rests, hanging over the top of the tailpiece.  When the mute is required, the mute is slid up the strings and placed over the top of the bridge.  To remove the mute, it simply lifts away from the top of the bridge back to it's place of rest above the tailpiece.

Very convenient and swift to fit or remove, the mute is incredibly durable and cost effective.

*selling for $8.00*

tourte mute.jpg


Cello Ultra USA Mute

The Ultra Practice Mute is molded from sound-deadening rubber, and for practice muting is superior to metal mutes. Made in USA.

The mute fixes onto the bridge of the instrument to reduce its loudness. By adding mass to the bridge, it muffles the vibration of the bridge, thereby muting the instrument considerably - which means your neighbours will be thankful.

Generally speaking, rubber mutes like this are not used in performance, but rather can be most useful for reducing the volume of the instrument when practicing, by dampening bridge vibrations. Flexible, so no modifications are needed to the mute or your instrument.

*selling for $10.00*


ultra mute.jpg

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