Clarus+ Two channel 800W head w/ effects

Clarus+ Two channel 800W head w/ effects

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Clarus+ Two channel 800W head w/ effects

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Two channel 800W head w/ effects

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The Clarus amps were designed to accurately reproduce the sound of all acoustic and electric instruments without compromise or the size and weight that has traditionally be associated with high quality amplification.

Unlike other solid state amps, the Clarus has a distinct, warm sound, more like a tube amp. In addition, the Clarus is not "voiced" like many electronic instrument amps. So its frequency response is flat. This means that, with a high quality speaker system (like the Contra EX), what you hear is your sound of your instrument. The tonal shaping characteristics of the three-band EQ are sufficient to overcome room acoustics or to shape your sound without adding noise to the signal.

At the heart of the Clarus is a powerful Class D switch mode amplifier that runs cool yet delivers up to 1000 Watts of clean, full spectrum power into speaker loads as low as 2 ohms. Other features include a parallel effects loop with a return level control, a selectable notch or low cut filter for feedback or "boominess" elimination and a balanced direct out with ground lift and pre/post EQ selection to allow connection to a mixing board for PA augmentation or recording. A switch for dual voltage operation (115/230V, 50/60 Hz), a detachable power cord and a padded gig bag with shoulder strap make the unit convenient for the travelling musician.

Clarus amps are for the working player looking for exceptionally clean, natural sound, with wide frequency response and low noise. Carried in one hand, or in the supplied gig bag, they provide an exceptional combination of pure sound reproduction and portability.


  • Extended Frequency Range, High Fidelity Sound
  • Compact Enclosure (10x9x2.5 inches)
  • Light Weight (now less than 5 pounds) 
  • Integrated Preamp and Power Amp
  • 1000-Watt "Digital" Power Amplifier (1000w @2 ohms, 800w @4 ohms, 500w @8 ohms)  higher power!
  • Input Level Control
  • Master Level Control
  • Mute Switch 
  • Three Band EQ:
    • Bass Control: Shelving type, ±15 dB @ 60 Hz
    • Mid Control: ±15 dB @ 650 kHz
    • Treble Control: Shelving type, ±15 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Switchable Notch/High Pass Filter
    • Notch Filter: -12 dB sweepable from 30 to 700 Hz
      Notch Control lets you reduce the volume of a single frequency to help fight a feedback or resonance problem
    • High Pass Filter: -12 dB/octave sweepable from 30 to 700 Hz
      The High Pass filter lets you reduce the response below a frequency of your choice, to fight the mud on boomy stages and in similar situations
  • Combination Input Jack allows the use of a ¼" or XLR input; input impedances are 1 megohm (¼") or 600 ohms (XLR) based on jack chosen, separately buffered 
  • Optional 48 volt phantom power to XLR input jack
  • Effects Loop via 1/4" phone jacks with Return Level Control
  • Balanced XLR Line Output with Ground Lift Switch
  • PRE- or POST-effects switch XLR output 
  • Newly Improved Digital Effects including reverbs, delay, and more 
  • Separate Digital Effects in/out buttons for each channel
  • AC Power On/Off switch with LED Indicator
  • Switchable Dual Voltage Operation (115/230V) (comes with USA Cable; to use in other countries, you can source an IEC-C13 AC Cable, also commonly used for computer power supplies.)
  • Two Neutrik Speakon Connector Output Jacks
  • Detachable AC Input Connector
  • Durable Powder-coated Aluminum Enclosure
  • Padded Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap, zippered cable pocket included with purchase
  • Speaker Cable not included; all amps have Speakon speaker outputs only. A Neutrik Speakon to ¼" adaptor is included, and we have quality Speakon to ¼" and Speakon to Speakon cables available for sale.
  • FIVE YEAR Warranty

*Selling for $1,790.00*

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Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.



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 Need a new Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double Bass? 
We have amazing new stock in all categories and price points.
In the next few weeks we will try and list all of these on this site, however feel free to drop us a line,
and ask about an instrument for you now.
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