Composite French/Puglisi Double Bass SOLD

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Composite French/Puglisi Double Bass SOLD


Originally built between 1860 and 1890 this instrument no doubt started its life as a three stringer


Instrument has been  rebuilt by Benedict Puglisi Melbourne, Australia.

The original top was badly damaged over the Century by multiple accidents coupled with poorly executed and amateur repairs leaving the belly unsuitable for restoration.

Every aspect of the construction for the new top was accurately copied from the original to produce this wonderful sounding and visually pleasing instrument. The oil varnish was carefully reproduced on the belly to accurately match the existing instrument


f hole


The neck and scroll are both in fantastic condition. The carved back is also in a wonderful state of preservation. All the ribs are also sound and with the new top this instrument should last a couple of hundred years longer.


The instrument has a stamp JTL on the top block, which may give clue to its original construction if original. There is label from my early Melbourne repairer James Smith 1924.


Big clear projecting instrument which would suit any genre including solo and orchestral work.

This Double Bass has been sold





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