Double Bass Bows


Double Bass Bows

Our showroom has a great range of Double Bass Bows in both French and German Styles.


Our Entry Level Double Bass Bows are reliably built brazilwood bows that give you strength and balance perfect for students and those that aren't bowing a great deal, or for those looking to trial a different bow grip. The balance, tone and playability with a new brazilwood bow perform to a high standard. These bows are great value for money too!


For something a little longer lasting, with a more refined tone, balance and playability, our carbon fibre bows are a very affordable option for advanced students and professionals. Schumann Carbon Fibre Double Bass Bows are often mistaken for wooden bows in their look (with the pernambuco finish), and in a blind test for feel and tone. These bows are also perfect for situations where a more delicate wooden bow may risk environmental damage or in a hectic school/learning environment for both teacher and student. Double bass bows that are carbon fibre are also very easy to pick up and play, with less idiosyncrasies than can be found with wooden bows.


Carbon fibre bows can be rehaired countlessly as they don't tend to lose their playabilty as the less dense wooden bows may. Think of it as an investment!


Looking for a Double Bass Bow to take you places? Our Advanced bows and Bows of Significance are always available for trial in the showroom. All bows can be loaned for up to one week for approval in the practise room, home, lesson, studio or stage.

Double Bass Bow Case French & German -
DB Bow Case

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