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We are an authorised Australian dealer for Velvet products.

DB velvet anima.jpgAnima 

$420.00  with fitting free

$110 for single strings

Velvet recommends Anima as their hybrid or multi-use string for Pizz or Arco play.

The Velvet Anima is a copper-wound Double Bass string and extremely versatile for both arco and pizzicato playing. The warm tone and low tension make these strings very versatile and easy to play, and the thinner core ensures a rapid response. The strings produce a strong well balanced sound with a rich bass and open 'harmonic' range. Perfect definition and audibilty in all registers make them suitable for practically every application from Jazz to Baroque. Please note that Velvet strings require careful and exact installation which we provide free of charge.

DB velvet anima.jpgBlue

$350.00  with fitting free

$90 for single strings


The Blue is the first Velvet string that doesn’t have a silk core, instead it has a synthetic core that took almost 2 years to develop. Following the philosophy of the other Velvet strings: great articulation, big volume and sustain and equal tension on all 4 strings. The Blue has it all, it’s a bit brighter than the silk cousins, but offers a fast response with a great articulation and nice volume. So far the response has been tremendous, from students to professional jazz players, these strings have been creating quite a buzz. Please note that Velvet strings require careful and exact installation which we provide free of charge.

DB velvet anima.jpgGarbo

$420.00 fitting free

$110 for single strings


Velvet Garbo are a long lasting, tonally stable double bass string and are considered the strings of choice for the jazz bassist. The solid core highlights the particular frequencies which enable the acoustic instrument to hold its own – even against a drum set. The sound is especially distinctive for the lower-middle frequency range, offering rich harmonics that are clear and assertive with the familiar “kick” as the note begins. The Garbo strings can produce a fullness of tone and penetration which is simply unbeatable. Please note that Velvet strings require careful and exact installation which we provide free of charge.

DB velvet anima.jpgCompas 180


This low tension arco string releases the pressure on the belly of the instrument to give it more resonance and response. The use of up-to-date textile fibres makes the strings particularly elastic, allowing increased amplitude of vibration, and producing a full, rich, open sound and strong pizzicato with long sustain. The strings respond perfectly to harmonics, which are crystal clear. Compas180 requires no change in playing technique by the instrumentalist, while opening up new possibilities in terms of sound, tone and modulation. Compas180 may also be played in solo tuning.  Please note that Velvet strings require careful and exact installation which we provide free of charge. Please note that single strings, low B/C strings, high C strings and solo tuning sets also available.

DB velvet anima.jpgCompas 360


Distinctive in their extremely rapid response and perfect balance, the Velvet Compas 360 are a wire wound string perfect for all modern playing techniques. Used in conjunction with electro-acoustic transducers, the amplified sound remains astonishingly natural. Highly suitable for all modern playing techniques.
Very quick response. Great with low actions. Please note that Velvet strings require careful and exact installation which we provide free of charge.



Innovation produce a wide range of slap and pizzicato style strings to suit many styles of playing. Please contact us for further information or to make a custom order. 

Innovation Silver Slap.gif

  Rock a Billy


  Medium tension, black nylon tape wound set of strings perfect for Rock a Billy, Psycho Billy & Bluegrass.


Innovation Silver Slap.gif




 Solid core, medium tension strings with chrome tape winding. Great for Jazz or Orchestral.






DB thomastik spirocore.jpgSpirocore

RRP $408

OUR PRICE $325.00 Fitted free!

The choice of Jazz double bassists, Thomastik Spirocores have been a favourite for decades. Extremely responsive strings, durable and long lasting, featuring a rope steel core for great elasticity. Ideal for pizzicato, acoustic or amplified performance situations. Available in 3/4 and 4/4. Please note that single strings, extension C strings, high C and different gauges are all available.


Spirocore Solo

RRP $450

OUR PRICE $379.00 Fitted free!


DB superflexible.jpgSuper Flexible

Superflexible strings with a braided steel core. Braided steel core strings for universal use, this string is an advance over conventional solid strings, lying midway in the path of evolution from the solid core to the advanced spiral core type. The solid core has been replaced by a cable-type structure made up of braided steel threads. This reduces the strings stiffness, improving its elasticity. Superflexible is incomparably responsive and its tone seems to literally radiate from the instrument, without the least harshness. Durability, tuning stability and purity of open fifths are unsurpassed.
Superflexible is a dependable all-round string for the discerning musician, at home with every type of bowing and in every musical situation. Available in 3/4 and 4/4.

DB thomastik belcanto.jpgBelcanto

RRP $492.00

OUR PRICE $430.00 with free fitting

The choice of Jazz double bassists, Thomastik Spirocores have been a favourite for decades. Extremely responsive strings, durable and long lasting, featuring a rope steel core for great elasticity. Ideal for pizzicato, acoustic or amplified performance situations. Available in 3/4 and 4/4.



DB orchestral.jpgOrchestral

RRP $329.99

OUR SPECIAL PRICE $225.00 Fitting free!

Helicore Orchestral Double Bass strings are a great choice of string for performers who primarily perform in arco situations. Excellent for orchestral music, Helicores Orchestral strings provide exceptional bow response and even tonal balance from string to string.Thes strings can also be played pizzicato just like John Patitucci with a full fundemental tone and warm harmonics. Available from 1/8 to 3/4 size. Please note that single strings and C extensions are available.

DB hybrid.jpgHybrid

RRP $329.99

OUR PRICE $225.00 Fitting free!

Helicore Hybrid Double Bass strings are for professionals and advanced students. Designed for the player who plays a mixture of arco and pizzicato. Hybrids produce excellent pizzicato sustain and attack, and quick accurate bow responses for arco playing. A great choice of strings for artists performing a broad range of styles and techniques both amplified and acoustically. Please note that single strings and C extensions are also available.


DB pizzicato.jpgPizzicato

RRP $269.00

OUR PRICE $225.00 , Sorry out of stock

Helicore Pizzicato series strings are designed for the players who mostly plays pizzicato. Featuring a bright tonal attack with excellent sustain, the Pizzicatos can also be bowed on with good definition. Also available in different gauges.


DB Solo.jpgSolo

RRP $319


Helicore Solo Double Bass strings are designed for the solo/orchestral performer. Featuring the A-E-B-F# tuning, one whole tone above standard double bass tuning, the Helicore Solo series offer exceptional bowing response and warm and even tonal balance from string to string. Available in medium gauge.



DB corelli blue.jpgBlue

Corelli 370M Double Bass strings. The result of innovative technologies, these synthetic core Double Bass strings have a finer diameter and are very precise with great flexibility. This makes them feel and play very much like traditional gut strings, but without the lack of tuning stability and susceptibility to humidity changes. Excellent for arco playing.

Please contact us to check the availability of these strings.


DB corelli red.jpgRed

Corelli 370TX strings are a strong tension string, increasing the possibility of attack and power also producing increased response under the bow.

Please contact us to check the availability of these strings.




lezner.jpgSupersolo Gut

RRP $449.00

OUR PRICE $399.00

Lenzner Supersolo strings for Double Bass are a good quality gut covered German manufactured string. Designed for ease of playing, with great strength and purity of tone, these strings are best suited for advanced students and professionals. Unwound gut A string are also available - $118 single string or $409 with the set.




DB flexocor.jpgFlexocor Original

Fantastic strings consisting of steel wound on a steel ropecore. Producing a warm and powerful tone and ideal for orchestral playing, Pirastro Flexocors offer short sustain and a higher tension perfect for bowing. Provides easy response even on low strings.

Please contact us to check the availability of these strings.


DB obligato.jpgObligato

$ 389.00

Pirastro Obligato Double Bass strings. These handmade synthetic fibre core strings are constructed with the highest quality winding materials and offer the highest degree of modulation, big soloistic and powerful tonal volume. The choice of soloists and orchestral performers, this very popular string offers resistance to temperature and humidity changes along with sensitive, easy response in all dynamic sections and optimal left hand feeling.


evah_pirazzi_very small.jpgEvah Pirazzi

$ 349.00

Finally, the Pirastro Evah Pirazzi range has expanded to include Double Bass. Double Bass players can now enjoy the intense, brilliant Arco sound with wide dynamic range and fantastic projection that the Evah Pirazzi strings offer. Designed with the solo performer in mind, Evah Pirazzi strings offer quick response and stable tuning whilst remaining resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Exceptional clarity ensures tonal production is carried over large ensembles and throughout concert halls and venues. Excellent arco or pizzicato strings.

Also available in "Weich" - Light Guage.

E-Extension Available RRP $175 Our Price $159



All prices are in Australian Dollars. Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers. 

Prices may vary due to fluctuation so please contact us for the best price.

Details are correct as at 1st September 2016





Latest News

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due to regional commitments. Our apologies for any inconvenience

We're thrilled to be a part of the VCASS Double Bass Day that will be held on the 20th of March for young bassists! 

To register to partake, the link is here: 



 ARY-FRANCE bows are fully stocked for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass bows!

 Book your apppointment to try these fantastic bows! 

We are thrilled to be the first to provide sophisticated and PRACTICAL cases to instrumentalists in Australia! Pedi Products are innovative and designed for the working and travelling musician! View our new violin cases, double bass bow cases and cello bags.


Melbourne Made, Internationally Played!
ALL ABOUT THE BASS! After a marathon effort of more than one year, we are happy to say no less than six handmade double basses are ready for the shows at the World class Melbourne International Jazz Festival. The double bass players will be treated to six original instruments made right here. Melbourne Made, Internationally Played!!!
Double Bass Players such as Esperanza Spalding, John Patitucci (Wayne Shorter), Jorge Roeder (Shai Maestro), Vincente Archer (Robert Glasper), Solomon Dorsey (Jose James), James King (Gary Bartz Quartet) and many more....
Esp small
Ben in workshop
 Need a new Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double Bass? 
We have amazing new stock in all categories and price points.
In the next few weeks we will try and list all of these on this site, however feel free to drop us a line,
and ask about an instrument for you now.
21st anniversary!2016
The month of July marks the 21st anniversary of the opening of my Showroom and Atelier in Hawthorn.
Time goes fast when your having fun! Times like this I reflect on one of my biggest inspirations. My Nonno Puglisi. A proud and hard-working fruiter, who understood the meaning of honest caring service. I just love this photo! Taken in 1966 i believe . I was just 1yo.
And i should mention that he was also an amazing fisherman! And could build anything he wanted.
Vienna Kontrabass (5 or 4 string)

A new and distinctive model from Benedict Puglisi's line of double basses. The instrument is an exact model by Lembock, accurately copied to the finest detail and tested against the original.Gabriel Lembock was a Hungarian born Viennese instrument maker famous for his accurate and impressive copies of Viennese double basses and fine Italian instruments. His instruments were praised for their fullness of tone coupled with responsiveness. This bass features gamba corners and a flat back, as well as custom authentic Viennese wooden pegs and fittings. This is an exceptionally versatile bass. It can be set up as a 5 string or 4 string orchestral bass, or in traditional Viennese tuning. The bass has a rich, dark tone well suited to orchestral playing. This is the perfect instrument for a professional looking for something versatile and suited to all circumstances.




International Jazz legend Christian McBride is now the proud owner of an original Benedict G. Puglisi Double Bass. This Bass landed in the USA early this month and is now being played by Christian. 


The 2012 Vincenzo Panormo carved back Bass was first trialed by Christian in Melbourne when he was a featured artist at the 2013 International Jazz festival.


It is truly an honour to have an original instrument with this amazing musician. We are sure that there are some amazing things to come from this relationship.









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