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FPS Cello Bow

Great value for money brazilwood cello bow with a fully lined ebony frog, parisian eye, pearl slide, three part end screw, leather grip and silver wire winding.

Now selling from $129.00




Articul Carbon Fibre Cello Bow

Carbon Fibre cello bow that offers fantastic value for money and is well balanced. Stamped Articul, this bow features an ebony frog, paris eye and leather thumb grip. Carbon fibre cello bows are a reliable alternative to pernambuco or brazilwood bows, particularly in performance situations that may compromise the condition of an investment or 'best' bow.

Coming Soon $249.00 | Inquire/Order via email or phone | 98539525 or showroom@atelierpuglisi.com






Schumann Brazilwood Cello Bow

A great quality brazilwood bow, with leather thumb grip and ebony frog. This lightweight bow is well balance and comfortable to hold. For a student or beginner Cellist, this bow is excellent value for money.

Coming Soon $159.00 | Inquire/Order via email or phone | 98539525 or showroom@atelierpuglisi.com


Schumann Carbon Fibre Cello Bow

This is a braided carbon fibre cello bow or wood-like carbon fibre cello bow with leather thumb grip and ebony frog. It is a strong and light alternative to the traditional pernambuco bow. It would make an excellent gig bow or backup for a professional.

Now selling for Braided $429.00 4/4 

Now Selling for Wood-like $459.00 4/4 Cello 

| Fractional sizes available on request |


Schumann Pernambuco Cello Bow

A nice step up from a brazilwood bow in quality, sound, comfort and strength. Being of higher density wood, these bows are much stronger without adding any extra weight. Perfect for an intermediate to advanced student/player who is looking for something a little special for a great price. 

Coming Soon $489.00 | Inquire/Order via email or phone | 98539525 or showroom@atelierpuglisi.com  


For purchasing details or further information, please contact us through the contact page on our website.

Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.

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