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French Mirecourt Double Bass


French Mirecourt Double Bass 'Huston'

The Double Bass is labeled John Deveraux,who was an Australian maker and repairer formally trained in the Fendt school. Its distinctive shape and proportions, however, are more typical of the Mirecourt basses of this era and therefore lead us to believe that the Deveraux label was added in the latter part of the 19th century.

This instrument was originally built for three strings and has subsequently received  restoration work in our Atelier. Due to this instruments inadequate neck size and previous damage, the original neck and pegbox were replaced and while the top part of the original scroll remains. A new A grade fingerboard has been fitted.


The Double Bass has the following measurements:

  • The large upper bouts measure 54.8 cm
  • The middle bouts measure 37 cm
  • The lower bouts measure 69.5 cm
  • The ribs measure 15.8 cm at the neck, 19.5 cm at the C bout to 20 cm at the bottom.

The instrument is beautifully proportioned with a convenient string length of 107 cm.



This instrument has recently been sold and can now be heard around the Adelaide area








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