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Hawkes & Son Panormo Model Double Bass


Magnificent Panormo Model Hawkes & Son Double Bass.
This Bass has very recently flown North!!

This astonishing instrument, made in 1906 by the famous Hawkes & Son Makers, is a Panormo Model.
The instruments manufactured by Hawkes & Son during the latter quarter of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century were often supplied to the plethora of military bands prevelant at that time, particularly in England.
There three main grades of instruments, 
born from the unmatchable artistry of Vincenzo Panormo's instruments are named the Professor, Concert and Panormo.

Many of these fine instruments were imported from Germany and France, as a result of a high demand for instruments of both quality and enduring robustness. The Concert and Panormo models are of superior timber choices, workmanship and finish than those of the Professor.
This particular Bass has a dynamic, powerful, formidable sound - characteristics often inherent in Hawkes & Son instruments.  

This unique instrument has violin corners and a two-piece, fully carved maple back with matching ribs and scroll.  The instrument is fitted with original Hawkes & Son machine heads (4 strings) and is also fitted with a C extension from Atelier Puglisi.




Panormo Model
Double Bass
Manufactured by Hawkes & Son



*This Bass is presently unavailable*



                     For further information regarding this instrument, please contact  basses@benedictgpuglisi.com



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