Instrument/Case Hire

Instrument hiring program


Fractional Cello hire for a dollar a day!


We have a great range of fractional cellos available to kick-start your child's cello experience!

At less than a dollar a day, you can hire an instrument valued over $1000 with a professional setup, bow and case included. 75% of your rental payments can go toward an instrument purchase, and there's no bond required. We have a long-standing reputation for hiring quality instruments, and providing friendly service. Contact the showroom now to arrange your fractional cello hire!


Prices starting from $30/month.


Delivery options available.



Short & Mid-Term Instrument Hire

For the touring instrumentalist, we can provide professional standard instruments for hire.  With the ever-increasing freight limitations on planes, we understand the logistical issues associated with transporting instruments. Please contact us to enquire about hiring Double Basses, Cellos, Violins and Violas. We are able to set up your hire instrument with any specifications that you request.


A range of instruments are available to hire, which can be set up depending upon your requirements.



Long-Term Instrument Hire

We have an instrument hire program perfect for players or students who are still working out if playing an instrument is for them. We provide instruments that are set up to the best possible standard. 

Another great oportunity with our long term hire Basses is for electric Bassists looking to expand their skill sets. There is a constant demand for Double Bassists so if you are looking for some extra work this is the instrument for you. Cross over to the dark side today.

You may chose from a range of hire cellos or double basses, depending on availability, and prices start a $69 per month for a fully set up, easy to play instrument.

Instruments must be rented for a minimum of 3 months and will come with a case and bow. A pickup can also be fitted for an additional fee.

No bond is required for the rental process, just an advanced payment for the cost of a bow rehair, and there are also several ways to arrange your monthly rental payment.



Long term hire is only available for double bass and cello at this stage, including fractional sizes.

Please contact us for further information about our rental program.


The Salieri is one of our great range of instruments available for hire.



Case Hire

Flight case hire for Double Basses is another service we offer to make the transporting of these large, fragile instruments more viable.  With an array of hard fibreglass cases available, we can provide security and protection for a very affordable rate.  

Please contact us for further information and to schedule your hire.





img: hire of double basses

Commission and hire of six Double Basses for the Christophorus Symphony Orchestra from Stuttgart 2008


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Need a new, Cello, or Double Bass? 

We have amazing new stock in all categories and price points.
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