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Original King Bass SOLD

Rockabilly fans will be very excited to hear that we are currently restoring an original, stamped and labelled (not re-issued) King Bass.
The H.N. White company began manufacturing instruments branded American Standard, or King in 1893, and began making stringed instruments in 1936. They continued to manufactures double basses in Cleveland right through until 1965, when their stringed instrument department was taken over by the Kay Bass company.
These basses are known for their strength in tone and their durability, making them a popular WWII military band bass for the American Army.
With original machine heads and fingerboard, this bass is undergoing a full structural and cosmetic restoration.
The instrument is stamped:
Cleveland, Ohio
H.N. White co.
no. 3475
This serial number locates the bass's year of production to between 1956 and 1957.
(Information gathered from http://www.amstandard-kingbass.com by Kent Blanton. kentblanton@comcast.net.)
This bass has found a new home!

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