Set Up Work

Every instrument differs in the quality of fittings and craftsmanship.  At Atelier Puglisi we are well known for raising the standards in instrument set up to make sure that every instrument that passes through the shop sounds and feels the best it can.  We factor the player’s style, technique and preferences in the set up and ultimately enhance the instrument’s best attributes.

A few crucial parts of a set up include -

Fingerboard shape: The fingerboard is nearly always planed ('shot') to smooth out any bumps or ridges and that can create buzzes. This also involves adjusting the ebony nut at the top of fingerboard.

Bridge: New French hardwood bridges can be fitted for better tone and projection. The height of the bridge can be varied depending on the style of music the player is performing and brass or aluminium bridge height adjusters can be installed if necessary for double basses.

img: bridget set up

Sound Post: A new soundpost can be fitted and adjusted for better tone and projection.

Strings: Ensuring the instrument is played with suitable strings for the player's style and needs.

img: violin set up

Tail wire: Original nylon or metal tail wires or tail guts, which hold the tailpiece onto the endpin, should be replaced with a special teflon fibre cable for strength and safety.

Endpin: Often, old-fashioned or factory endpins rattle and are troublesome with functioning smoothly. The repairing or replacement of endpins is imperative to ensure the Cello or Double Bass is not only safe, but also not creating buzzing noises.  


Book your instrument in today for a check up on its set up! Set up and general maintenance can improve the lifespan of your instrument and parts, as well as keeping everything sounding and feeling as best it can! We also provide bow rehairs for $139.00 - $149.00 for bows of all instruments, turn around on bows can be same day or next day, check in for availability!








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