Ten2 EX 2 x 10 extension cabinet

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Ten2 EX 2 x 10 extension cabinet

$1090.00 inc No Tax ($879.78 )


2 x 10 extension cabinet

*Currently Out of Stock - please contact us to order now!*

  • A full frequency range cabinet appropriate for all instruments and for vocals
  • Just 14 inches tall and 23 lbs
  • Delivers more of the transparent AI sound
  • Two 10 inch woofers, one front firing, one downfiring
  • Coaxial 2.5 inch tweeter with attenuation switch
  • Exclusive Room Coupling Control(tm) reduces boominess in problem acoustic settings
  • Ideal match for AI heads. Combines with AI 1x10 combos to form a 3x10 "stack"
  • Can be upgraded to combo configuration (factory upgrade)
  • Comes with fitted slip cover

*Selling for $1,090.00*

For further information regarding this amplifier, please contact acousticimage@atelierpuglisi.com

Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.



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