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Realist Bass

Designed by Ned Steinberger in collaboration with David Gage of David Gage Stringed Instruments New York, The Realist provides an innovative solution for Double bass players needing a piezo transducer that is equal in its ability to recreate an acoustic pizzicato and arco sound. Producing one of the most natural sounding acoustic transducer pick ups on the market, The David Gage Realist works by placing a copper foil encased piezo crystal transducer under the foot of the Double Bass bridge, exactly where the sound is transferred from the strings to the sound board. This makes the need for a pre amp or battery powered gear unnecessary, so you can just plug in and play.

Warm sounding, reliable and providing great value for money.

Just $339.00



Life line

The Lifeline pickup is the latest pickup to be released from David Gage and NS design. The Lifeline offers a focused amplified sound without sacrificing tonal fidelity.

The Lifeline does require bridge adjusters in order to fit the pickup to your instrument. 

A great all round pickup for general use but perfect for Jazz players. 

Great sounding, reliable and responsive.


Just $339.00



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