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The Riley Puglisi Double Bass SOLD


The Riley was part of the 2005 10th Anniversary Quartet, celebrating the 10 anniversary of founder Benedict G. Puglisi's Hawthorn workshop. Also named in dedication to the late Double Bass repairer and maker Alan Riley of The Sydney Bass Shop, this instrument has been built for ease of playability. From the convenient string length of 40 ¾ inches, to the smallish neck rounding of the upper bout edgework and including the light King Billy pine internal blocks, this instrument has been made with the player's convenience firmly in mind. The Riley features a large volume and full tone due to its large bodied modelling.

The Riley was exhibited and played at the 2005 Port Fairy Folk Festival and received with great success. Being a 2005 model instrument, The Riley is being embraced and played by Melbourne's Double Bass playing community and is gaining new fans from further afield. Giovanni Tommaso recently performed a number of times on The Riley at the recent Umbria Jazz, Melbourne.


This spectacularly flamed instrument features a two-piece, low arched maple back. The low arching assists in achieving an immediate tonal response during play. The maple back is also decorated with a simple leaf motif in the purfling. The purfling is unique to Atelier Puglisi with its pinstriped ebony centre and poplar inserts. The irregular grained spruce top has been shaped and arched to work in sympathy with the maple back. The Riley also features Magine style f-holes and the unique Atelier Puglisi jigsaw joins in the lower bouts.

The Riley is suitable for all applications, but ideal for fast, soloist playing.


The Riley, like all Atelier Puglisi instruments, is extensively set up to a high standard. This instrument features an 89cm ‘A’ grade ebony fingerboard with matching nut, saddle and Hill style tailpiece. The string length is 104cm (40 ¾ inches). The endpin is the deluxe German Ulsa type with detachable tip. A deluxe ‘A’ grade French Aubert bridge with brass adjusters has been fitted to suit and original, handmade Royle machine heads, exclusive to Benedict, complete the set up.


Sorry, this instrument is no longer available.


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