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Tim Kill Custom Stick Bass


Many years have gone into the design of this convenient instrument.
Tim's intimate knowledge of the working double bass & double bass player, has resulted in
an instrument which is designed with the player's needs at the forefront.

Unlike many other designs on the market, this bass has the convenience of double bass fittings which can be
serviced and customised by any quality bass repairer or maker throughout the world.
Using the standard string length of 42", standard ebony fingerboards, quality french bridges, and the simplicity of a transducer pickup ensures that this instrument will sound as realistic as any amplified Double Bass.



Each instrument is superbly crafted in Tim's workshop, and individually set-up for the player's needs. 
Tim's background as one of our leading makers & restorers, as well as the maker behind his famous Tim Kill Custom guitars, have combined to create
an instrument which is superbly made in every aspect.

This ensures not only a convenient, beautiful instrument for today, but an investment for the future.



Instrument Includes

Your strings of choice

David Gage Realist Pickup

Hip Rest

Convenient Heavy-Duty Stand

Choice of 4 string or 5 string set up

Optional Extras

Fibreglass Hard Case

Padded Cover


Price on Application

Each Tim Kill stick bass is custom made to order. Please contact us for further details.


For purchasing details and further information regarding these basses, please contact timkillbass@benedictgpuglisi.com

Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers. 



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Dear Customers,

Due to the Easter Holiday, Anzac Day and Benedict Puglisi’s participation in: 

2019 Musica Viva Festival

In Sydney, NSW, 25th -28th of April

We will unfortunately have

Reduced hours 

for the month of April


April the 19th to April the 22nd


April the 23rd


April 24th to May the 1st

Re-opening on May the 2nd

Normal hours resuming  

We would like to sincerely apologies for any inconvenience this may course and wish you all a happy and safe holiday.

Please feel free to drop us a line,
with any inquiry you may have.



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