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Small size 10g. Clear amber cake with non slip cardboard 'book' holder. Made in England. Square.

*Selling for $9.90*


Paganini Cork

paganini cork.jpg

Economically priced student rosin. Small oblong cake with cork 'book' sides. Made in Germany.

*Selling for $5.00*


Hill Light

hill light.jpg

Small light rosin on cloth with elastic loop tie, 20g. Made in England. Round.

*Selling for $19.90*


Hill Dark

hill dark.jpg

Small dark rosin on cloth with elastic loop tie, 20g. Made in England. Round.

*Selling for $19.90*




Comprised of a delicate blend of fine natural resins and exotic waxes to optimize the performance of synthetic core strings. The This rosin generates less dust than harder resins. Designed for use with Dominant, Infeld Red, Infeld Blue and the new Vision Strings.

*Selling for $18.00*



Solution for Allergy prone musicians, the special ingredients are non-irritating and non-hypoallergenic.  Made in Germany.

*Selling for $7.00*


Liebenzeller Metall-Kolophonium


Highest quality rosin for your instrument. Libenzeller will be sold as "Larica" in future.

*Selling for $53.00*


Pirastro Oliv/Evah


Super premium dark round rosin on crimped cloth with elastic tie and packaged in a small box.

*Selling for $19.60 *


Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold

goldflex better.jpg

Premium dark round rosin packaged in a small square box.

*Selling for 32.50*


Pirastro Eudoxa


Light round rosin. Ideal for gut strings.

*Selling for 19.60*


Gustav Bernadel


Light amber rosin on cloth in flannel pouch. This rosin is suitable for Violin, Viola and Cello.

*Now selling for $17*




Contains no chemicals of any kind or fillers like glucose or sugars. High quality Melos rosin, made of Greek pine-tree colophony, is produced by Sykiotis in Greece.

*Selling for $16.00*



kaplan violin red.jpg

Premium quality artcraft rosin is manufactured using the original recipe handed down from L Kaplan. Packaged in a reusable, soft flannel pouch. Made in the USA.

*Selling for $22.50*



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