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Evah Pirazzi Gold

RRP $266.50

OUR PRICE $219.00

Evah Pirazzi Gold strings offer a full-bodied, short break-in time, instant responding string. There is a wide range of colour and dynamic range for skilled players to explore. Very stable, and will not react to temperature and humidity changes. 

 Evah Pirazzi

RRP $277

OUR PRICE $209.00

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi viola strings are a handmade synthetic core string wound with the highest quality aluminium and silver. Designed with the solo performer in mind, the Evah Pirazzi viola strings produce an intense, brilliant sound with wide dynamic range and strong, warm tone. Evah Pirazzi viola strings offer quick response and stable tuning whilst remaining resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Exceptional clarity ensures tonal production is carried over large ensembles and throughout concert halls and venues. Also sold separately.



RRP $259.35



Pirastro Obligato viola strings have become firm favourites amongst our customers. Offering great projection and powerful tonal volume, Pirastro Obligato viola strings have been praised for their warmth of tone and easy response. Extremely easy to play in, they usually settle within a day and rarely susceptable to extremities of tempterature and humidity. Handmade with a synthetic fibre core, the set includes a Aluminum A, Silver D & G strings and a Tungsten wound C string.  Available in medium or strong. These strings also sold separately.


RRP $108

OUR PRICE $90.00

Pirastro Tonica viola strings feature a special synthetic core made of fine flexible single filaments. Very stable in extreme changes of temperature and humidity, Tonica strings are clear and balanced with rich overtones and no metallic harshness. Well suited to ensemble playing, for professional or amateur players. Available in soft, medium and strong gauges. These strings are also sold separately.



Popular and well loved gut core, aluminium/silver wound strings by Pirastro, the Eudoxa viola strings offer superior quality and warm sound with easy response. Used extensively world wide due to their exceptional modulation and perfect fifths. Well suited  for both the orchestral and chamber musician. Available in a variety of gauges and straight. These strings also sold separately.

Please contact us to check the availability of these strings.

Oliv_viola_strings small.jpgOliv

Pirastro Oliv viola strings are made with the best quality gut cores and wound with the highest amount of precious metals. Oliv strings offer the full range of warm to brillliant tone with plenty of rich volume. Oliv strings often produce great results on older instruments. Available with standard or steif D and G strings and in different gauges. These strings also sold separately.

Please contact us to check the availability of these strings.


RRP $84.50


Pirastro Piranitosteel core, steel wound viola strings produce a clear, bright sound. Providing excellent value for money, they remain reliable and long lasting, which makes them ideal for school string programmes and students. Available in sizes of 3/4 - 1/2 and 4/4. Complete string set. Piranito strings also sold separately.



viola dominant.jpgDominant

RRP $166


Thomastik Dominant viola strings have been used extensively throughout the world for viola players of all standards and abilities for decades. An excellent multipurpose string, they consist of a perlon core wound with aluminium and/or silver. Available in soft, medium or strong and in lengths of 37cm, 38 cm, 39.5 cm and 42 cm, they excell in their popularity and reliability.



viola larsen.jpg


RRP $211.50


Larsen strings is a small, highly focused niche company producing strings of the finest musical quality for cello, viola and violin. Since their introduction, Larsen viola strings have become increasingly popular among professional viola players as well as amateur musicians worldwide. The Larsen viola line consists of aluminium wound, steel core A string, aluminium wound D string and silver wound G and C strings, all made with a unique fibre core. Larsen viola strings are availble in three tensions: soft, medium and strong.



Prices may vary due to fluctuations so please contact us for the best price.

Details are correct as at May 2018



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