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Violins Pre loved and new I

Wonderful instruments amazing Value

At Atelier Puglisi our $1,000.00 to $3,500.00 price range is found to be popular for intermediate advanceding students and amateurs alike.

Our stock in this range is most often comprised of European made trade instruments that have been manufactured between the 1900s and 1950s to contemporary handcrafted instruments.

All ready to play on stage now.

Each of these instruments has been carefully set up or restored to ensure that even the oldest instrument is 100% stable and suitable for the modern player.

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German Trade second hand Violin 4/4 -
Vln 7603
$2272.73 ($1834.41 USD )
Barnes & Mullins 1906 -
Vln 6577
$1818.18 ($1467.53 USD )
Estelle Violino - one piece back 4/4 Violin -
Vln - 6515
$2000.00 ($1614.28 USD )
Thomas Wilson, Williamstown 1930 Violin -
$1136.36 ($917.21 USD )


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We will be closed on Saturday the 16th of March due to regional commitments.

We apologies for any inconveniences this may course.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!

Need a new Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double Bass? 

We have amazing new stock in all categories and price points.
In the next few weeks we will be adding to the list all of these on this site, however feel free to drop us a line,
and ask about an instrument for you now.











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