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Walter Mahr Cello

Once again, we are pleased to add to our collection of fine instruments crafted by contemporary European makers, a new cello handcrafted by luthier Walter Mahr of Bubenreuth, Germany. Featuring eyecatching Italian poplar for the back, sides and neck, and selected aged spruce for the top, this instrument has also received an extensive deluxe Atelier Puglisi workshop set up. This includes: a set of fitted ebony pegs capped with brass, a fine ebony tailpiece with built in fine tuners, a fitted deluxe Aubert Mirecourt French hardwood bridge, full fingerboard shoot and nut adjustment, new soundpost fitted, Velvet tailpiece cord and Larsen strings.

This cello produces a lively tone with full projection and is ideal for an advanced student or professional player.



Full Atelier Puglisi set-up, including:

- fingerboard plane and re-shape

- high quality Larsen strings

- soundpost adjustment


Legendary Atelier Puglisi service, including:

- 100% guarantee on all workmanship

- adjustments to tone and set-up at no extra cost

- free fitting with any string or pick-up purchase


This instrument gone to new home!


For further information, please contact us via the contact form on our website.


Price is inclusive of 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). This tax is not applicable to overseas customers.





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